Join the $45 billion garden of gift card payments.
Accept payments for your business using major brand gift cards. Give your customers a convenient new way to pay.

Accept top gift cards as payment.

PayGarden lets customers pay you using major brand gift cards online. Your business can tap into the $45 billion pool of unspent gift cards by allowing customers to exchange them for your online service, whether it's for digital goods, subscriptions, or loading funds into an account.

Home Depot
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6001 4724 0027 5001
Expand your payments

Support for more than 100 gift card brands.

Target, Best Buy, Home Depot... we support over 100 brands with broad coverage over retail volume in the US. From restaurant brands to electronics, fashion to home improvement, PayGarden gives you reach into broad demographics of consumers.

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Reach more customers

Reach the 67 million people in the US with no credit cards.

29% of adults in the US don't have a credit card and only 44% of college students have a credit card. Many people who are underbanked have trouble paying for online services. By accepting gift card payments, you can reach new segments of your customers to boost your conversions.

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Simple payment integration

You can start accepting gift card payments in less than 2 hours.

PayGarden creates a payment form for you, hosted on our servers, to handle the details of accepting gift cards. Adding the gift card payment option to your site is as simple as linking to PayGarden's hosted page, and adding a server postback to handle incoming orders.

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Tanya Yurevich
Payments Manager,
We are enjoying our cooperation with Paygarden and their always-ready-to-help team. Innovative approach and excellent service level create unique promising opportunity to attract new payers and satisfy our business needs.
Derek Liu
CTO, Gaia Interactive
Very happy with the flexibility of the API and the responsive technical support. It was easy to configure different campaigns and our team couldn't be happier with the boost in revenue this holiday season.

Over 1,000 services are growing with PayGarden.


We provide email support for your customers who pay with a gift card.


Privacy-conscious customers love paying with gift cards.


No sensitive data hits your servers to avoid compliance headaches.


Real-time transaction data that you can export to CSV.

No chargeback fees

Unlike credit cards, merchants pay no hidden/extra fees in case of fraud.

Quick setup

You could be up and running with live orders in less than 2 hours.