Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you accept gift cards from non-US countries (such as Canada or Australia)?

PayGarden is integrated with USA gift card networks. Some international brands use the same network and therefore work with PayGarden, but this is on a brand-by-brand, country-by-country basis.

The only guaranteed way to know if we’ll accept your gift card is to type the number in to the payment form and receive an offer. If you have an international gift card and are wondering if PayGarden will accept it, just type it in. Your gift card will not be impacted unless you accept the offer.

If you are thinking about acquiring a new gift card and want to know how to get one that is guaranteed to work with PayGarden, see this question

Q:  Which gift card should I buy to make sure it works with PayGarden?

Get an electronic gift card instantly for use with PayGarden:

  • Buy a e-gift card (email delivery)

    Choose to “send by email” and the electronic gift card should be delivered to you within hours.

  • Buy a e-gift card (email delivery)

    Enter any message and design, and choose "Email Delivery" below. The electronic gift card should be delivered to you within hours.

Once you receive your electronic gift card via email, you can type the gift card number and PIN/access code into the PayGarden payment option.

Q:  Why is PayGarden not accepting my gift card?

The most common reasons we can't accept a gift card:

  • Your gift card is actually a prepaid credit card with a VISA or Mastercard logo.
    PayGarden does not accept prepaid credit cards; only store-brand gift cards.
  • Your gift card was purchased from an international retailer outside of the USA.
    At the moment, we are only able to accept gift cards from USA networks.
  • You may have forgotten to enter the complete PIN number.
    Some cards require scratching off foil to reveal the PIN.
  • This gift card was obtained from an online gift-card marketplace such as:,,,, etc.
    PayGarden is unable to reclaim the balance on many of these cards.

Q:  Why are PayGarden prices different from credit card prices?

PayGarden prices are different from web site prices for two reasons:

  1. There are gift card network fees associated with PayGarden's balance reclaiming service that result in prices that are different than credit card prices.
  2. When PayGarden offers a membership offer, it is a 1-time payment rather than a recurring membership where you are charged every month. Because you do not get charged every month, the web site has to collect more money upfront.
Q:  Why should I trust PayGarden?

Great question! PayGarden has been covered by reputable press, has partnerships with some great companies, and has an experienced team that is available to chat via email and on the phone during business hours.

Get in touch, we love to hear from customers!

Q:  Will pay garden accept my pre-paid VISA or MasterCard gift card?

No, these pre-paid VISA or MasterCard cards operate on different networks from store-brand cards such as Target and Best Buy. PayGarden does not accept pre-paid VISA or MasterCard gift cards. If your card has a VISA or MasterCard logo on it, we are probably not able to accept it.

Q:  Do you accept "e-gift cards"?

We accept most e-gift cards, particularly Target and Best Buy.

Q:  Can I combine multiple gift cards toward one purchase?

At this time, we only take 1 entire gift card per purchase.

Q:  What is the minimum value remaining on my gift card in order to trade it in?

This depends on the brand. For most brands we require at least USD $10 remaining on the gift card.

Q:  Do you accept gift cards from brand [some store brand]?

We currently support gift cards from the following brands:

If your brand is not on this list, then it is unfortunately not supported at this time. At this time, we only take 1 entire gift card per purchase.

Q:  Can I have a refund for my gift card transaction?

Please note that there is no way to refund a gift card transaction, due to the way we work with gift card networks to reclaim each card. Once a gift card is reclaimed, there is no way to put value back on it. The terms you agree to when you confirm an order explain that the gift card must be destroyed.

Q:  How do I unregister my Starbucks gift card from my account?

Your Starbucks gift card must be unregistered from your user account before it can be used to pay on PayGarden. Here's how:

  1. Login to your user account on
  2. Click on "My Account" on the navigation bar on top of the page
  3. Click on "My Cards" to view the Card Management page
  4. Click on "Unregister Card" on the left navigation menu
  5. Follow the steps to confirm unregistering your card.